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Evo 8-9 Wiseco 85.5mm Pistons

Evo 8-9 Wiseco 85.5mm Pistons

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85.5mm pistons. 

Wiseco part # 6548M855

Scratches on skirts look a bit bad however they aren't deep at all and pass the finger nail test. 

The machine shop checked each one and confirmed they are perfectly fine for reuse. 




Product Series: Professional

Bore Diameter: 85.50 MM

Compression Height: 35.00 MM

Piston Volume: -17.00 CC

Piston Material: 2618

Skirt Coating: Yes

Forging Type: Full Round

Piston Quantity: 1

Ring Set Included: Yes

Top Compression Ring Thickness: 1.0 MM

Second Compression Ring Thickness: 1.2 MM

Oil Ring Thickness: 2.8 MM

Wrist Pin Included: Yes

Wrist Pin Material: 5115

Wrist Pin Outer Diameter: 0.866 IN




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